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Optimise your ServiceNow instance!

AtomX presents its two key products, CMDB Inception and ABC (AtomX Best practices Check- Up).

This is a ServiceNow instance-mapping product and a Health-Check tool.

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CMDB Inception, the innovative instance-mapping tool of ServiceNow!

It allows for complete control of all object and relationship changes in your CMDB.

Thanks to this application, you have control over all changes (SLA, business rules, ACL, formulaire, script include, etc.)
and the impacts it has on your configuration via automated dashboards.

Compare at a glance the state of your instance with a saved baseline.

You will benefit from our experts Best practices with ABC(AtomX Best practice Check-Up).

With the simple execution of a script, analyze the quality of your ServiceNow instance
and compare it live to the Best practices of ServiceNow.

You will know in the span of a few minutes where your ServiceNow instance stands, what impacts its performance,
and how close to the standard you are.

This tool is less expensive and more efficient than the Health-Check standard produced by the publisher.

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