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Mapping and technical monitoring

ServiceNow Applications

ServiceNow mapping and technical monitoring: save time


ServiceNowYou are a ServiceNow product owner. Your telephone hasn’t stopped ringing for two hours: there’s a problem with your production instance and 2000 operators are standing idle. However, the same department was functioning perfectly last night. You have no idea where the problem is coming from.

Between the changes made by your internal team, the ones made by an offshore team you’re working with and the adjustments done by a freelancer, there’s plenty of potential for at least a day lost in trying to find the defect. The consequences? You lose time trying to find where the problem is. You also lose money and, above all, the trust of your clients and users.

There are solutions. The ServiceNow apps provided by ATOMX are specially created to help you to map your environment, and obtain a global view of it in real time.

The CMDB and ABC (Atomx Best practices Check-up) apps are also distinguished by their rapid implementation and complementarity.



1) CMDB: Save time, anticipate, inspect and visualize


Today, your instance is encountering some difficulties. At a given D-1 date, however, it was fully operational.

What’s changed since then? Discovering this is the aim of the first solution provided by ATOMX: CMBD.

This is a scan that allows you to rapidly identify the potential origins of the problem. The scan captures the state of your ServiceNow environment at the moment the bug hit and compares it to the most recent snapshot where the system was functioning.


Mapping via « Snapshot » :

Effectively, your ServiceNow instance works like a mini “information system”. It uses components such as scripts and forms (…).

The CMDB module is used in this context, not in order to map the servers, applications, and the links between them, but for the ServiceNow components.

The app will create an image (snapshot) in order to model a nominal situation, which you can then use as a reference in order to cast light on the changes.


Recognizing the problem’s causes with CMDB

So CMDB will allow you to map, to list all the changes performed – whoever was the originator. Grâce aux relations entre les composants (également découvertes par le scan), vous pourrez alors identifier rapidement la ou lesquelles sont les plus susceptibles de perturber votre instance.

You will be able to call your offshore service provider or internal team in order to share the list of suspect changes with them. It will take them under 10 minutes to find the origin of the problem.


You use the mapping to rapidly visualize the bugs’ origins.




2) ABC: Maintain the performance of your ServiceNow environment on a day-to-day basis.


Originally, your system flowed and your instance performed efficiently. Then you began operating your instance for months and years. You have built add-ons onto it, of course… As demanded by good practice. Well, almost consistently… However, you are aware that compliance with good practice is a condition for the effectiveness and regular functioning of your platform.

You therefore want to analyze your map in order to gauge the compliance of the changes with the required standards. That’s what is done by the ABC scan from ATOMX.


Inspect quality in order to anticipate the deviation:

It is always difficult to get an exact idea of the intrinsic quality of the works done by service providers you call in precisely for an expertise that you don’t have internally. And what to say after several years of TMA, very often by different operators.

What would you say to being able to inspect, in real time, the quality of the developments put in place in your environment? Would you like to have a factual and objective benchmark of your production line in relation to ServiceNow recommendations?

The ABC app will allow you to scan your environment in order to identify all the elements that have been “customized” as well as all the new elements. The image that emerges will then be compared with a library of good practices (the majority of which comes directly from the ServiceNow publisher).


For an objective, factual evaluation, you will have a dashboard which will allow you to motivate your service providers to an expected level of quality.


Using ABC therefore means making sure of high-quality development. Your ServiceNow instance will thus align itself with the publisher’s good practices, in a sustained and controlled way.




The ATOMX offer for CMDB + ABC

The ATOMX offer includes the 2 apps CMDB and ABC. Equally accessible to small and key customer accounts, the solution is generally deployed in under two days. Once acquired, the solution belongs to you and ATOMX offers you an extended maintenance option in order to monitor the publisher’s updates.

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Cynthia Vuotto
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